Public Speaking Resources For Beginners

There's something venerable about really being a motivational speaker. A orator can give you and your company with a direction as they have the skill to find the larger picture. He is not the same as a public speaker. Being he will allow you to choose which audience you want to inspire and motivate to mold the youth into responsible people. Keep reading to discover all you will need to learn about public speakers.

Probably the most crucial consideration to search for in a speaker is credibility. Fully being a one can be a great career choice. Financial motivational speakers offer insight on what is necessary to finally realize the degree of financial security so many folks want but few attain.

I remember, not that long ago when the mere thought of speaking in public was a pretty scary thing… I remember when I did that first presentation, I felt those tingling arms, weak legs… I felt my heart pumping so fast I thought I was heading towards a panic attack. Unfortunately, my job required me to do it, and at first, it was torture. More than once, I could barely sleep prior to when I had to do another presentation.

When it became clear that this was my new role in the company I decided to man up and attend a public speaking course… I walked away a bit confused, it wasn’t that I didn’t learn something, but the things I learned had no connection. I got taught a couple of random tips to keep in mind… and I already knew most of them. I thought they’d teach me a system… something I could trust would work, something flexible that I could adapt to any public speaking event, something solid!
It quickly became clear that it was extremely hard to find that kind of system… so I started to create my own system! I worked hard, tested, researched and analyzed until it was perfect! So here I am…

The SpeechMad system focuses on resolving the 2 most common reasons why people fail at speaking in public…

This is exactly what you’ll be learning in this training course – it’s a proven step-by-step system that just works!

The SpeechMad system is specifically designed to give anyone the ability to create a perfect speech the absolute fastest way possible. It’s a true no-nonsense approach for creating outstanding presentations!

Because 55% of what you “say” is actually interpreted through body language, I’m throwing in a manual on understanding the subtle nuances of body language… for free!

Each of the 12 sessions is easy to follow and when put together… you’ve got a system that keeps any audience hanging on your every word!

Well, a lot of people pay thousands of dollars for courses to become good public speakers, or hundreds for online coaching… but because I want to show the world that anybody can be become a great public speaker…

Right now, you can become a life-time member of the SpeechMad membership course for just $99. And to make it even more accessible to everyone, we have decided to create 2 great options, Silver and Gold.

With the Silver option you only pay $33 per month for 3 months (a total of $99). As soon as you pay the initial $33 for the first month, you’ll go to the registration page and receive your first email with a link to the SpeechMad member’s area. There you’ll find the first lesson AND your bonus! You’ll get a new lesson every week for 12 weeks straight, this prevents any information overload and keeps the system easy to follow!


If it's possible for you to learn how to develop into a professional speaker, you'll be in high demand. Becoming one may give you an advantage in the industry. He might be anybody! Professional speakers have a native speaking ability, in order to comprehend people emotions very fast so that they can relate to the business's atmosphere in order that they are ready to gather a well-aimed motivational speech.

If you are serious about exploring the opportunity of speaking in public, I highly recommend these articles and resources:

Some Advice On Speaking Professionally In Public

There are many skills that are required if you want your career to progress and be considered one of the elite professionals in your industry. And one of them is public speaking.

It is so clear in so many areas of our lives, that if we want to be able to do something well, we need to learn foundational skills. Very often people jump into something and never learn what it takes to be effective is this arena.

The same applies to speaking in public whether speaking to support career choices or enhance your business presence.

Learn basic speaking in public skills

Whether you want to do it to enhance your career path or professionally, to develop the confidence that is required when presenting a speech at a University tutorial, Church or junior football trophy night, it is going to take a great deal of practice.

The real secret to public speaking with skill is simple.

There is no secret.

You will need speaking in public training.

This is the total focus of my ebook Presentation Confidence: a three step process offering speaking in public skills to plan, practice and perform your speech or presentation with confidence!

Learn public speaking

Following these step to learning speaking in public & presentation skills  will enable you to focus on the right areas at the right time.

You learn skills that ensure a sound structure & equip you with a solid rehearsal process for your speech. While the content is yours to create, understanding how  to use structure in your speech to confirm, secure and release your content to an audience is essential. This allows you to begin speaking in public with confidence.

Use Presentation Confidence and you will become good at speaking in public.

If you also work through Stage Fright Unlocked, you also work on:

  • Confident connection to your audience
  • Overcome speaking in public fear and presentation anxiety
  • Public speaking character & principles
  • Business presence 

Be a speaker with a vision

The combination of learning speaking in public skills, overcoming speaking in public fear & speaking in public with confidence by completing these two books will enable people to be speakers for business.

Preparing your speech

Plan, write and learn a speech: without writing it out or learning lines.Rehearse the speech through essential & key pointsLayer in stories, analogies add meaning to your speech.

Consolidate  and enhance the speech to begin speaking in public with confidence. Move the speech from solid information to being entertaining or engaging. Develop visionary speech making by layering in images. Connect to your audience & have you audience connect to you.

Launching your professional career

Let’s apply these concepts to being a professional speaker. To maximize your abilities, you must not just hope that one day you will be a better speaker, but already believe that you’re a good conference keynote speaker.

This is the key!

The vast majority of people I train and coach do not think this way.

They come in with the belief that they’re not very good keynote speakers and are just hoping for some improvement. Of course, this belief is the opposite of what is needed to activate your subconscious mind to produce positive results. For most of my life, I’ve wanted to be a professsional business speaker.

Yet, I found that when people would ask me what I did, I’d say something like — “Oh, you know…a little of this and a little of that…oh yeah, I also enjoy speaking…maybe, one day, I’ll be a professional speaker.”

Even in the last five years, after having been a corporate motivational speaker in my company, I’d still tell people that I did training, worked for conferences, and sometimes
dabbled as a professional business speaker.

But this past year, something phenomenal happened. I was on an airplane when a gentleman sitting next to me began talking with me.

“What do you do for a living?”

For some reason, I looked directly at him and replied, “I’m a professional business speaker.” I amazed myself when I responded with those words. “professional business speaker”?!

Never before had I answered the question that way. And, even more amazingly,
my schedule soon started to shift. Fewer meetings, fewer trainings, more conference keynote speaking. I had never done conference keynotes speech before, but that’s what I do all the time now.

This is the power of believing in yourself and why its so important to make the committment and take action towards your path.

The Impact Of A Motivational Speaker

Many people have asked about the extraordinary after dinner motivational speaker we had last night because they want to understand what motivational speakers do. Some things they do include the ability to inspire us and are able to solve our concern. Plainly able to keep up learn how to take time out and enjoy hobbies and past times. Able to tell me is that I should get a replacement when the pain gets to be too much.

In addition to her committal to writing Frances Edmonds has wide experience on radio and television hosting. Being able to obtain motivational quotes while thoroughly enjoying her motivational poems. One was a united states writing table of transportation one is a winner of 34 ladies professional.

But this "throw the balls into the trees" act was something I had never tried. He is capable to bring his themes to the corporate world where these concepts have proven great. Being able to check you out with someone I know. Of course in all of these situations you had the option to close away the improved alternative. Being able to be what you want to be Graham said.

But I think you people are just jealous that he has found great success in never giving up. Of course when you invite someone you have to pay for the fare and snacks only to get frustrated. Of course I however find myself talking about controlling my emotions. One was a kid's book by a newspaper copy editor. In addition whilst operating in Australia, Clive captained the Sydney premier grade incline manly.

In addition to being a laugh-out-loud humorous speaker, Larry is founder and director of. One was a motivational speaker telling us how to stay focused. And each one came out sliding and jumping up on the opposite sidewall and came back doing splits. And whatever is produced in the process is to be tested and improved. He has an accent that will tickle your funny bone and bring a smile to your face. He is able to defeat hugely different individual motivations and an immense verbiage barrier.

After 15 minutes at a learning station each group rotated to a different station. Hopefully the targets can be within my grasp in years to come. And each one takes up a certain amount of time. Of course when they finally realize that the guru they have been following is not the panacea to their lifespan. An accent that made what they said hard to understand.

One was a large distributor and the others were partners in professional speaking. And each one of your legs can only have two each and because you cannot recruit an infinite. And every one tells me they are the best one for my event. But this is much easier than it sounds. Because I then realized it wouldn't be amazing for me. And each one of those names is a personal brand.

This is how a motivational speaker can impact an event. What they do is help people to examine their life and the situations that they face so that they can see things in a new light.

Tips For Motivation When Sad Or Depressed

In recent years many people from around the world are struggling with depression because they are very unhappy. In fact, we recently spoke with some individuals about this and here is what they said:

25 years old now. Been dealing with depression for a good 10 years. You don't know how it feels to hear "are you ok" every single day you come to work. And I always lie. But I can't fake cause it'll show on my face.

We all go through existential crisis and that's not a bad thing. Confusing it with depression is. In fact God put that in EVERY SINGLE PERSON on Earth so that we can find the TRUE purpose of life. Some people pay attention to this feeling some do not. Money, relationships and worldly successes don't mean nothing because all that is temporary. What really matters is the eternal success.

I find it difficult you get help for my depression. I work full time and I am a mother, I am not able to afford therapy. It’s 150 dollars a session with a psychiatrist and 60 for a therapy session. Plus the cost of medication.So, I had to stop going. It is disappointing that mental health care is so expensive.

Unfortunately, I have depression and it's from my sister with anger issues. I was always told as a kid that I was worthless and other awful things. My life is slowly getting better with age. Don't forget; never give up!

I honestly don't feel like living anymore there is not one day i don't have suicidal thoughts so I just hide it with a fake laugh and fake smiles I go to school everyday and I get bad marks because of my depression and it gets me even more in a deeper state of depression because I believe I'm a failure.and nothing ever gets better.

I hope everyone gets better. Virtual hug for everyone. Honestly, my best tip for this is to find something that inspires you (find an interest. I struggle with depression before and it sucks but then I started singing, drawing, traveling, visiting the temples, looking at waterfalls and doing new things (including going to the movies by myself because introvert passion!) It really can shape the way life looks. I'm not certain but I believe that this is worth trying!

But depression is not just things happening in the brain. It get be a trigger of many things. I do understand the effects of depression which is being shown in the video but stating if you buy this, this can help with this and that will not cure depression. It may relive your side effects. But it won't make it go away. I know from my experience.

Finding motivation when you just dont feel good can be difficult. Here are some resources worth reviewing if you need help:

Supporting Teens With Life After College

Its no secret that many teenagers struggle with their life after college. Many have just spent a ridiculous amount of money putting them in debt and are now stressed because they dont understand how to create a good living with an education that did not truly prepare them.

While some parents may seek the guidance of teenage counseling services, now more than ever parents are calling upon a life coach that would be a better fit to help them figure out their life path.

We recently surveyed some teenagers about their life after college and here is what they said:

I don't currently work and am going to college. I got accepted to two schools, one for biology and the other for public health but it I'm not sure if I should transfer because I don't really want to major in that. I'm confused about everything and I don't know what I want to do. I want to do something I'm in love with and I have no clue what that is. I don't have much life experience and that's why I'm wondering if I should take summer classes in things I might like. What do you think I should do?

So basically I was (and am) in photography school. But deep down I kinda felt that music is the thing for me. Until one day I saw a street guitarist (Estas Tonne) and I said I want to be like him. This happened with a lot of "rockstars". When I saw them I kinda got a bit angry that I am not there instead of them. But the only practice that lasted and I'm still doing it it's towards that street guitarist goal. I have given up acoustic guitar, electric guitar really quick but classical guitar is the only one standing. And every time I ask myself "do I wanna give it up?" there is not really a really firm "NO" answer. And now since I've started meditating and working towards spiritual enlightenment a lot of doubts about this occurred. I can't really reply to those thoughts. But after all I still kinda practice but not with the same will and energy because I'm aware of those thoughts. How can I know I'm on the right track? I like everything about it except the need for practice(I'm lazy and impatient) but I still do it.

I am really into this process right now. I am missing the trying different jobs and travel more part. got stuck in a comfy office for a few years now and left school. Tried med and com. still no idea. nothing klicks. Hope the pressure does not kill me! wanna get motivated to keep trying and doing, maybe if it takes forever! trying out stuff is a career all and of it self.

Travel, Read and go to college. What is your advice for people who cannot afford to travel or go to college? I don't want to criticize you, but some people are poor or have money problems. How can they find their goal if they don't have money for college or traveling? You should never forget some people are having money problems or they are poor. Just an opinion, I don't want to attack you or criticize you, I like your work.

I knew my passion as a boy. it still my passion. But I was discriminated from doing it. By people who think they had a right to discriminate against me I was never able to get past them. I have done many jobs in my 52 years on this rock. There are a couple things I can be reasonably happy doing, But it takes money I don't have and have no way to get, Believe me I have tried every possible way to get the money. But again I am being discriminated against, I'm unemployed because the discrimination and black listing.


Can A Life Coach Help You On Your Spiritual Path?

Many people who are seeking to find a life coach are also on a spiritual path. Some are seeking enlightenment while others are on a very arduous journey of self discovery. The idea of self realization has always been something that many people have explored through many modalities which is why in the East, people south the help of Guru's.

I was at a recent coaching conference asking many people about this subject and here is what they shared with me about this idea:

He is right because that happened to me. I became self enlightened and started to meditate when I did each morning I became more aware of my existence. Not professionally or the material things that we all chase. But my pure inner existence. It has allowed me to be more calmer in life even when I see people driving vehicles like crazy it makes me smile yet sad for them that they are not yet self aware. Its a beautiful thing.

Forget about other people's stereotyped images they put on guru's. Situations change and so does the personality need to change. Old gurus just acting strict bold and all calm are not going to give clarity and explanation like you do. You did splendidly. Most people think that being positive is to never give a thought to negativity. But reality has both sides of the coin.

Well yes we all known this, but here's the problem how do you live this wonderful life fulfilled and put food on the table a roof over your head and clothes on back all while maintaining relationships with people and family you care about, secondly if we all manage to do this who is going to do all those innate boring jobs?

Like garbage collection, maintaining the sewers, water treatment works, just too name a few. These are the questions that remain unanswered by so-called insightful people and how do we get from here to there while we are so energy and time poor due to the fact that we spend so much time and energy just surviving and or paying our bills, I agree in principle but hard to implement (in any meaningful way) in one's daily life on a practical level without the whole of civilization grinding to a halt!

Check out the Bible  and Gods plan for our life through our salvation in Jesus Christ. Because of his sacrifice we are not mortal but immortal. Having that faith and being thankful to Christ for his sacrifice makes us not have to do these exercises he speaks of. We shouldn't be doing only what matters to us as this miss guided man says, we must do all we can to reach the world for Christ and love our neighbor as our self. Knowing that there are two kingdoms Satan and the Kingdom of heaven and that every issue stems from this conflict we just tip toe around the real issues. Nothing this guy is saying is real truth. He focuses on being in the realm of the soul and pleasing yourself. Real fulfillment and having the peak experience is doing the work of the Lord and helping others, denying ourselves pleasures to do Gods will. That is the larger slice of life!

When the day of our death comes, that day will be a today like every other day. That's how I've been seeing it lately. And that moment of death will occur now, like everything else. Death will not forever be some other day or some other moment. When it comes, it will be today, and now. That's probably when awareness generally wakes up to itself and finally realizes what Now is!

He looks like a guru, He dresses like a guru, He accepts the seat of the guru? but He has no guru? and says so much for a man who knows nothing except his mental concoctions? What a nutter, do we need more pretend guides? Sadguru picks up leftist, liberals who due to total lack of modern or ancient knowledge hang on every gold word coming out of his mouth? which of course He's stolen from his ancestors!!! This mans following shows how ignorant they are as to the actual qualities and knowledge a real guru has? As far as any of the thinkers in India's ancient past goes? Sadguru is a fraudulent leader with very superficial realization but a mountain of charisma?

I'm appalled at this charlatans feeble word jugglery? And blowing up of simple concepts, playing all the sentiments and PCs like Krishna played his flute. Think about the story of the snake and the ants? And the fact that if you have millions of followers but they are atheistic, lusty, greedy, uneducated, and insane? Whats benefit to the eternal soul? or even the materialist lol some people will do anything to be popular? like sell out their own Soul, their people? their race? and all the world?

So he talking about being human we are human being meaning there is a being inside of us which makes us live and have a fulfilled life.this life we are in now is temporary and when it's time the being will move on to our next journey. So he is saying as well hurry up  and live, why we always in a rush? This is why it’s important to work with a spiritual life coach.

How do we explore the higher dimensions of life? I’m not trying to criticize you in any way but from my point of view Whatever you are preaching is all memory based and is bounded within your frame of memory..ur preachings are not outside of normal perceptions which can't be perceive by our five senses but i totally get the inner idea which create a world where everything is neutral if we start perceiving in that way…i'm really confused got lots of questions..hope i get 24 hours time with u personally so i can clear all of my doubts.

But i know god is real..he manifest all the time because I believe therefor i have much clarity in trusting him with the unknown until..I know. When..dabbling with the unknown do you dive in head first.. no  there could be a huge sharp rock..guidance is very much needed when you believe in yourself holy you are guiding yourself bit we must remember we cam from baby knowing nothing everything we know is taught therefore who is your teacher ?

I clarify my teacher does live inside of me but truly it is not me. I would like every one to meet their higher self the same spirit that gave us life and breathe..breathe? Where did it come from is is real..yes we are real and we have the same breathe from the living god who gave it to us therefore know he is breathing within us as well once u are awoken to his presence i know he will take u far and high and ultimately in to eternally peace and happiness by know who u are and where u come from and that there is a a life of immortality with the the living god who ga e you breathe out of pure love.

What gives someone the right to force their abilities on me?  He doesn't have my permission.  What rule was made by who to allow to attack someone.  And also, aren't there beings who protect anyone who's life is in danger.  And while exploring this topic, how come you aren't able to keep the knowledge that you already know?  I see this a lot with people who are affecting things with the ability thing of a traveling Qi ball or whatever it is. 

And also, I noticed that the ability ball can be let go of at anytime and I wonder if people have forgotten to do that or if they are loosing their common sense.  How do I block attacks from the ability ball. I don't have to accept it, I have the right to be myself.

Life Hacks To Improve Your Memory

At a recent seminar a group of us began discussing the topic of memory and if there are things that can be done to improve it. Sure, we all know about the benefits of supplements like ginkgo, but with the advancement of todays technology and psychology, we wanted to take a closer look at what other options there are.

Here is what we discussed:

I learned this when I was in college back in the early '90s.  It absolutely works and, believe it or not, the more you use it, the faster you can memorize.  Your brain will remember 10x more than you think IF you use the correct technique.  I went from flunking a Sr. level class to 94% in one semester.  I used it at the beginning of this video and got all my words right lol.  I once impressed a table of 20 people by naming them all at the end of the event.   Creativity and imagination are the keys.  Research this more and have fun.

This strategy is impressive to people who hear this mnemotechnic solution for the first time, but in most learning situations the brain doesn't work this way easily enough to make up stories and remember all of them. It's a pretty good idea to use it once in a blue moon, but not on a daily basis.

I'm sure this works well for things that are just regurgitation of a glossary. I'd love to see someone talk about successfully using methods like this to memorize say, math theorems, or physics concepts, or something that doesn't have words that neatly fit into normal visual language because the concepts are very abstract and word association is probably less useful.

Most small children can memorize and most students can do that relatively easy with repetition.  What they can't do and struggle with mightily, is the application of information once they have it memorized.  Application of knowledge is much more useful than memorization.   He used application in demonstrating a better way to achieve a low level cognitive ability.  Unclear on how helpful that would be in the real world.  Great for carnivals and side shows though.

I think this technique helps only to memorize a bunch of random words. I doubt if a poem or some songs or a whole book can be memorized this way.

And certainly one can not memorize Vedas this way. I'm 100% sure of it.

But you prompted their memory by saying “what happened here” and “remember your neck had ?” Furthermore you took way longer than 30 seconds for memorizing it which is all the time you gave us on our own.

In my view that is what schools are supposed to do. Not specifically learning facts, but figuring out what's working best for you how to learn.

For instance, I remember saying aloud multiplication tables in primary school. That's forcing a method without taking you into account. When my father learned me mnemonics to learn those because I was struggling with it, he was even corrected by the school for doing that. But as a result I understood the deeper concept of multiplication instead of learning 100 standard answers by head at that young age.

I can still recall back to a day after my birthing..  I see the sights, the lighting, feel the temperatures, hear the sounds, and even recognize faces, and recall my thoughts of back then, and sense everyone's emotions, In the memory I sense the emotions of each person in the room, and their ancestry's feelings about them.. and for some reason my memory is becoming clearer by the day. Why?  I do not know..  Maybe it's this weird combination of nutrient supplements and diet?  Maybe it's just that I don't fear my memories..?  Maybe because I fear nothing, not even death..  Death gets me to the next level, where I won't be plagued by your presence.  Maybe it's because I erased my ceilings.

I have a photographic memory which is a gift and a curse. Unfortunately, I can't turn it on and off. Anything I lay my eyes on is instantly etched into my brain. I also memorize most of what I hear. My friends think it's cool, but they don't realize how much random info that's stored in my brain. I wish I cld forget/delete all of the useless info I don't need.

Brain synapses are a bit like a muscle. The more you exercise them the stronger they get. I have used this fantastic pictorial memory method for many years, and it still amazes me. I began by memorizing a pack of cards, (The Knave with a good heart (J-H) took a stroll in a perfectly dug garden (A-S), he walked down three dark rows of bushes (3-C) and came across his mother (Q-H), she was holding 7 diamonds....etc.)

Wow, how long are people going to milk the memory palace cow? Is it really necessary to have the same technique presented by 10 different people? On top of that, the technique doesn't work for math, physics, science, chemistry.. These days people simply want to be known no matter how.

What he’s teaching is very old and extremely effective. You create memory palaces. Think any home you’ve ever lived, car interior, running trail,. You didn’t try to memorize, but it’s stored in spacial memory, then you attach the list or new images to a memory palace, and bam you remember it just like walking from front door to your room.   Sad, they are selling and not giving credit.

He is just saying experiment to find a way that works for you. By ‘works’ he see easier learning and consequently more personal satisfaction. If you don’t try then you lose out... no one else. If you can’t be interested in yourself then how can you expect others to be. Being open to new ideas makes us more rounded human beings. Being negative to new ideas seems to be the way out for many. Give it a shot, consider and find what works for you to make your life more satisfying.