Some Advice On Speaking Professionally In Public

There are many skills that are required if you want your career to progress and be considered one of the elite professionals in your industry. And one of them is public speaking.

It is so clear in so many areas of our lives, that if we want to be able to do something well, we need to learn foundational skills. Very often people jump into something and never learn what it takes to be effective is this arena.

The same applies to speaking in public whether speaking to support career choices or enhance your business presence.

Learn basic speaking in public skills

Whether you want to do it to enhance your career path or professionally, to develop the confidence that is required when presenting a speech at a University tutorial, Church or junior football trophy night, it is going to take a great deal of practice.

The real secret to public speaking with skill is simple.

There is no secret.

You will need speaking in public training.

This is the total focus of my ebook Presentation Confidence: a three step process offering speaking in public skills to plan, practice and perform your speech or presentation with confidence!

Learn public speaking

Following these step to learning speaking in public & presentation skills  will enable you to focus on the right areas at the right time.

You learn skills that ensure a sound structure & equip you with a solid rehearsal process for your speech. While the content is yours to create, understanding how  to use structure in your speech to confirm, secure and release your content to an audience is essential. This allows you to begin speaking in public with confidence.

Use Presentation Confidence and you will become good at speaking in public.

If you also work through Stage Fright Unlocked, you also work on:

  • Confident connection to your audience
  • Overcome speaking in public fear and presentation anxiety
  • Public speaking character & principles
  • Business presence 

Be a speaker with a vision

The combination of learning speaking in public skills, overcoming speaking in public fear & speaking in public with confidence by completing these two books will enable people to be speakers for business.

Preparing your speech

Plan, write and learn a speech: without writing it out or learning lines.Rehearse the speech through essential & key pointsLayer in stories, analogies add meaning to your speech.

Consolidate  and enhance the speech to begin speaking in public with confidence. Move the speech from solid information to being entertaining or engaging. Develop visionary speech making by layering in images. Connect to your audience & have you audience connect to you.

Launching your professional career

Let’s apply these concepts to being a professional speaker. To maximize your abilities, you must not just hope that one day you will be a better speaker, but already believe that you’re a good conference keynote speaker.

This is the key!

The vast majority of people I train and coach do not think this way.

They come in with the belief that they’re not very good keynote speakers and are just hoping for some improvement. Of course, this belief is the opposite of what is needed to activate your subconscious mind to produce positive results. For most of my life, I’ve wanted to be a professsional business speaker.

Yet, I found that when people would ask me what I did, I’d say something like — “Oh, you know…a little of this and a little of that…oh yeah, I also enjoy speaking…maybe, one day, I’ll be a professional speaker.”

Even in the last five years, after having been a corporate motivational speaker in my company, I’d still tell people that I did training, worked for conferences, and sometimes
dabbled as a professional business speaker.

But this past year, something phenomenal happened. I was on an airplane when a gentleman sitting next to me began talking with me.

“What do you do for a living?”

For some reason, I looked directly at him and replied, “I’m a professional business speaker.” I amazed myself when I responded with those words. “professional business speaker”?!

Never before had I answered the question that way. And, even more amazingly,
my schedule soon started to shift. Fewer meetings, fewer trainings, more conference keynote speaking. I had never done conference keynotes speech before, but that’s what I do all the time now.

This is the power of believing in yourself and why its so important to make the committment and take action towards your path.