Supporting Teens With Life After College

Its no secret that many teenagers struggle with their life after college. Many have just spent a ridiculous amount of money putting them in debt and are now stressed because they dont understand how to create a good living with an education that did not truly prepare them.

While some parents may seek the guidance of teenage counseling services, now more than ever parents are calling upon a life coach that would be a better fit to help them figure out their life path.

We recently surveyed some teenagers about their life after college and here is what they said:

I don't currently work and am going to college. I got accepted to two schools, one for biology and the other for public health but it I'm not sure if I should transfer because I don't really want to major in that. I'm confused about everything and I don't know what I want to do. I want to do something I'm in love with and I have no clue what that is. I don't have much life experience and that's why I'm wondering if I should take summer classes in things I might like. What do you think I should do?

So basically I was (and am) in photography school. But deep down I kinda felt that music is the thing for me. Until one day I saw a street guitarist (Estas Tonne) and I said I want to be like him. This happened with a lot of "rockstars". When I saw them I kinda got a bit angry that I am not there instead of them. But the only practice that lasted and I'm still doing it it's towards that street guitarist goal. I have given up acoustic guitar, electric guitar really quick but classical guitar is the only one standing. And every time I ask myself "do I wanna give it up?" there is not really a really firm "NO" answer. And now since I've started meditating and working towards spiritual enlightenment a lot of doubts about this occurred. I can't really reply to those thoughts. But after all I still kinda practice but not with the same will and energy because I'm aware of those thoughts. How can I know I'm on the right track? I like everything about it except the need for practice(I'm lazy and impatient) but I still do it.

I am really into this process right now. I am missing the trying different jobs and travel more part. got stuck in a comfy office for a few years now and left school. Tried med and com. still no idea. nothing klicks. Hope the pressure does not kill me! wanna get motivated to keep trying and doing, maybe if it takes forever! trying out stuff is a career all and of it self.

Travel, Read and go to college. What is your advice for people who cannot afford to travel or go to college? I don't want to criticize you, but some people are poor or have money problems. How can they find their goal if they don't have money for college or traveling? You should never forget some people are having money problems or they are poor. Just an opinion, I don't want to attack you or criticize you, I like your work.

I knew my passion as a boy. it still my passion. But I was discriminated from doing it. By people who think they had a right to discriminate against me I was never able to get past them. I have done many jobs in my 52 years on this rock. There are a couple things I can be reasonably happy doing, But it takes money I don't have and have no way to get, Believe me I have tried every possible way to get the money. But again I am being discriminated against, I'm unemployed because the discrimination and black listing.