Can A Life Coach Help You On Your Spiritual Path?

Many people who are seeking to find a life coach are also on a spiritual path. Some are seeking enlightenment while others are on a very arduous journey of self discovery. The idea of self realization has always been something that many people have explored through many modalities which is why in the East, people south the help of Guru's.

I was at a recent coaching conference asking many people about this subject and here is what they shared with me about this idea:

He is right because that happened to me. I became self enlightened and started to meditate when I did each morning I became more aware of my existence. Not professionally or the material things that we all chase. But my pure inner existence. It has allowed me to be more calmer in life even when I see people driving vehicles like crazy it makes me smile yet sad for them that they are not yet self aware. Its a beautiful thing.

Forget about other people's stereotyped images they put on guru's. Situations change and so does the personality need to change. Old gurus just acting strict bold and all calm are not going to give clarity and explanation like you do. You did splendidly. Most people think that being positive is to never give a thought to negativity. But reality has both sides of the coin.

Well yes we all known this, but here's the problem how do you live this wonderful life fulfilled and put food on the table a roof over your head and clothes on back all while maintaining relationships with people and family you care about, secondly if we all manage to do this who is going to do all those innate boring jobs?

Like garbage collection, maintaining the sewers, water treatment works, just too name a few. These are the questions that remain unanswered by so-called insightful people and how do we get from here to there while we are so energy and time poor due to the fact that we spend so much time and energy just surviving and or paying our bills, I agree in principle but hard to implement (in any meaningful way) in one's daily life on a practical level without the whole of civilization grinding to a halt!

Check out the Bible  and Gods plan for our life through our salvation in Jesus Christ. Because of his sacrifice we are not mortal but immortal. Having that faith and being thankful to Christ for his sacrifice makes us not have to do these exercises he speaks of. We shouldn't be doing only what matters to us as this miss guided man says, we must do all we can to reach the world for Christ and love our neighbor as our self. Knowing that there are two kingdoms Satan and the Kingdom of heaven and that every issue stems from this conflict we just tip toe around the real issues. Nothing this guy is saying is real truth. He focuses on being in the realm of the soul and pleasing yourself. Real fulfillment and having the peak experience is doing the work of the Lord and helping others, denying ourselves pleasures to do Gods will. That is the larger slice of life!

When the day of our death comes, that day will be a today like every other day. That's how I've been seeing it lately. And that moment of death will occur now, like everything else. Death will not forever be some other day or some other moment. When it comes, it will be today, and now. That's probably when awareness generally wakes up to itself and finally realizes what Now is!

He looks like a guru, He dresses like a guru, He accepts the seat of the guru? but He has no guru? and says so much for a man who knows nothing except his mental concoctions? What a nutter, do we need more pretend guides? Sadguru picks up leftist, liberals who due to total lack of modern or ancient knowledge hang on every gold word coming out of his mouth? which of course He's stolen from his ancestors!!! This mans following shows how ignorant they are as to the actual qualities and knowledge a real guru has? As far as any of the thinkers in India's ancient past goes? Sadguru is a fraudulent leader with very superficial realization but a mountain of charisma?

I'm appalled at this charlatans feeble word jugglery? And blowing up of simple concepts, playing all the sentiments and PCs like Krishna played his flute. Think about the story of the snake and the ants? And the fact that if you have millions of followers but they are atheistic, lusty, greedy, uneducated, and insane? Whats benefit to the eternal soul? or even the materialist lol some people will do anything to be popular? like sell out their own Soul, their people? their race? and all the world?

So he talking about being human we are human being meaning there is a being inside of us which makes us live and have a fulfilled life.this life we are in now is temporary and when it's time the being will move on to our next journey. So he is saying as well hurry up  and live, why we always in a rush? This is why it’s important to work with a spiritual life coach.

How do we explore the higher dimensions of life? I’m not trying to criticize you in any way but from my point of view Whatever you are preaching is all memory based and is bounded within your frame of memory..ur preachings are not outside of normal perceptions which can't be perceive by our five senses but i totally get the inner idea which create a world where everything is neutral if we start perceiving in that way…i'm really confused got lots of questions..hope i get 24 hours time with u personally so i can clear all of my doubts.

But i know god is real..he manifest all the time because I believe therefor i have much clarity in trusting him with the unknown until..I know. When..dabbling with the unknown do you dive in head first.. no  there could be a huge sharp rock..guidance is very much needed when you believe in yourself holy you are guiding yourself bit we must remember we cam from baby knowing nothing everything we know is taught therefore who is your teacher ?

I clarify my teacher does live inside of me but truly it is not me. I would like every one to meet their higher self the same spirit that gave us life and breathe..breathe? Where did it come from is is real..yes we are real and we have the same breathe from the living god who gave it to us therefore know he is breathing within us as well once u are awoken to his presence i know he will take u far and high and ultimately in to eternally peace and happiness by know who u are and where u come from and that there is a a life of immortality with the the living god who ga e you breathe out of pure love.

What gives someone the right to force their abilities on me?  He doesn't have my permission.  What rule was made by who to allow to attack someone.  And also, aren't there beings who protect anyone who's life is in danger.  And while exploring this topic, how come you aren't able to keep the knowledge that you already know?  I see this a lot with people who are affecting things with the ability thing of a traveling Qi ball or whatever it is. 

And also, I noticed that the ability ball can be let go of at anytime and I wonder if people have forgotten to do that or if they are loosing their common sense.  How do I block attacks from the ability ball. I don't have to accept it, I have the right to be myself.