Tips For Motivation When Sad Or Depressed

In recent years many people from around the world are struggling with depression because they are very unhappy. In fact, we recently spoke with some individuals about this and here is what they said:

25 years old now. Been dealing with depression for a good 10 years. You don't know how it feels to hear "are you ok" every single day you come to work. And I always lie. But I can't fake cause it'll show on my face.

We all go through existential crisis and that's not a bad thing. Confusing it with depression is. In fact God put that in EVERY SINGLE PERSON on Earth so that we can find the TRUE purpose of life. Some people pay attention to this feeling some do not. Money, relationships and worldly successes don't mean nothing because all that is temporary. What really matters is the eternal success.

I find it difficult you get help for my depression. I work full time and I am a mother, I am not able to afford therapy. It’s 150 dollars a session with a psychiatrist and 60 for a therapy session. Plus the cost of medication.So, I had to stop going. It is disappointing that mental health care is so expensive.

Unfortunately, I have depression and it's from my sister with anger issues. I was always told as a kid that I was worthless and other awful things. My life is slowly getting better with age. Don't forget; never give up!

I honestly don't feel like living anymore there is not one day i don't have suicidal thoughts so I just hide it with a fake laugh and fake smiles I go to school everyday and I get bad marks because of my depression and it gets me even more in a deeper state of depression because I believe I'm a failure.and nothing ever gets better.

I hope everyone gets better. Virtual hug for everyone. Honestly, my best tip for this is to find something that inspires you (find an interest. I struggle with depression before and it sucks but then I started singing, drawing, traveling, visiting the temples, looking at waterfalls and doing new things (including going to the movies by myself because introvert passion!) It really can shape the way life looks. I'm not certain but I believe that this is worth trying!

But depression is not just things happening in the brain. It get be a trigger of many things. I do understand the effects of depression which is being shown in the video but stating if you buy this, this can help with this and that will not cure depression. It may relive your side effects. But it won't make it go away. I know from my experience.

Finding motivation when you just dont feel good can be difficult. Here are some resources worth reviewing if you need help: